The Kame House Podcast was created in 2019 when hosts Krystle, Ren, and Bilal noticed a lack of Black commentary in the anime community. Join them for their weekly podcast discussing anime, manga, and Otaku culture from a Black perspective.

Hello there! My name is Ren, I've been watching anime since before I can remember. My favorite anime will always be Cowboy Bebop. Another favorite is Spirited Away.

Hi, I’m Krystle! I started watching anime when I was 11. I’ve been an anime fan for 20+ years. The first anime that I watched was Sailor Moon (it’s also my favorite). While I love to watch anime, I prefer to read manga. 

What's up, my name is Bilal. I do a lot of things, sometimes too many. My favourite anime is Pop Team Epic, but although I've been watching anime for forever, I'm more a manga reader.